WizTech is a manufacture of vaping that founded in September, 2019 and located in Shenzhen, where is known as the manufacture center of e-cigs. The factory covers an erea of 12,000 square meter & owns GMP grade dust-free workshop, Industry-Leading R&D labs, gathering a group of senior electronics engineers and structural engineers in the industry. WizTech also has the top supply chain system, specialized in research, development and production of E-cigs and CBD vaping devices. From the day we founded, we’ve already provided more than 17 millions vaping products to worldwide. Our mission is to supply the innovative one-stop atomizing technology for Ecig brands all over the world.



Disposable vapes are now the mainly OEM/ODM project in WizTech. We got 2 series of disposable kits for your reference, which are the X series and F series.


WizTech is also providing service as customizing pods for different customers. Open system or close system pods are our strength too. Check the YOYO now.


We also make CBD vape devices. If you're looking for OEM or ODM on the CBD products, look no further, WizTech is the top choice. Just let us know your ideas & we'll make them real.

Why WizTech? What's WizTech Good at?

WizTech is not only the name of Famovape’s factory, but also represents the innovative atomizing technology that applies for the full kinds of vape atomizing solutions, such as pod-replaceable devices, open system vapes, CBD vape devices & other regular disposable vape kits.

How to contact us? How to get it started?

Working with Famovape is easy. You'll find it extremely easy to make yourself clearly understood because our team is professional and good at listening. Our team is young, yet with rich experience in this industry, so we know what you need and what you want.

And with our factory, our R&D department, our QC process and all the production capability, we're more than confident to say that we're your best choice. Please do leave a MSG if you had any idea in your mind already & we'll make it come to real.

Check our OEM page & leave us a line today.