For end users, Famovape is a top class vape brand of mods, atomizers, starter kit and vaping related accessories. For other companies, Famovape is a premium vape manufacturer that can be trusted.


Famovape was created with the sole intention of producing truly exceptional vaping devices and to help people become part of the growing industry that is vaping as well as meeting the people involved and the amazing social connection. With our founders’ extensive knowledge on the production and manufacturer of vaping devices, Famovape was born.

Premium Quality

As a brand and manufacturer as well, Famovape believes that it is all the details make the success. All the material of our products are selected through a stringent process. And devoting to the vaping industry and R&D is our nucleus all the way.

Proficient Team

Our team is not only composed by experienced vapers, but also is a group of the ones Who decided to devote themselves on developing Famovape into a modern, global vaping brand which is solely focused on customer's understanding and satisfaction.

Outstanding Customer service

Things will change but there is one thing we never forget, that is customer service can not be emphasize more. So we got this FAQ page on our website, if you have any question to ask, ask FAMOVAPE. Our team will respond rapidly with their professional opinion and solution.