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The original intention of establishing Famovape was very simple, that is, let more people feel the fashion and trend of vaping. The founder of the company brand had contacted vaping device and engaged in the sale of electronic cigarettes during his life in the UK. He has a good understanding of the functions of vaping device and the people who use them. During the work process, it was found that the electronic cigarettes sold in the UK were basically imported from China. It can be said that electronic cigarettes were invented in China, but the most widely used people are in North America and Europe. E-cigarette is not only a tool for quitting smoking, but also a trendy gadget with a cool appearance, diffused smoke, and electric sound.

In his view, the vaping industry has a variety of brands. However, the product quality and appearance design are uneven, which makes it impossible to distinguish between good and bad. The invention of e-cigarettes in China has been applied abroad, but often because of the appearance design is not enough atmosphere and fashion to affect sales, and the quality problems caused by various cohabitation also make the reputation of Chinese-made products difficult to improve for a long time.

Famovape's founders have been working hard in the vaping industry and have not forgotten their original intentions. The time flow shifted to 2017. After thinking about it, the entire founding team finally gave up the high salary of other companies and decided to try to establish a vaping design and sales company. So they led the team to enter the vaping industry and named "FAMO" to provide people with higher-quality, trend-setting vaping devices.

China has the largest number of smokers in the world and also has a certain number of vapors. I only hope that our actions will better guide the trend. While holding the e-cigarette, the appearance of the product is even more cool. In foreign countries, we even hope that we can make endorsements for China and prove to European and American consumers that Chinese manufacturing also has fine products. Of course we know that there are so many companies like this, and we know that profits are not too high. However, the reason we persist is not only to make money, but also to create endorsements for China and create a precedent for the vape industry.

Famovape was founded from the search for health. In the fast pace of modern cities, we gradually lose our heart and happiness. When life is more busy, the initial dreams and present happiness are more and more empty. When one day, we want to let go of our hearts and find the time of nature and our initial dreams, we find that the surroundings are incompatible with each other. Famovape is just starting out on such a team. We are committed to guiding a new Vaping experience on the way to the pursuit of trends and dreams, so that all vapors can recover the original pure vaping fun.

Nowadays, healthy and catching up with the trend has become the common goal pursued by everyone. The FAMO team with original intentions and creative ideas is constantly surpassing and making endorsements for China. Leading the industry in e-cigarette trend quality, technology and service, it created an unprecedented health culture and fashion experience that only “FAMO” can provide.