The guide of how to choose e-juice for your taste!

The guide of how to choose e-juice for your taste!

Vaping is fun and exciting, and it has the potential to take things to the next level in a masterful and unique manner. But you do need to find the right e-juice to suit your needs. And that requires a bit of testing, not to mention plenty of trial and error. After all, everyone chooses e-cigs and vapes for different reasons. As a result, you need to figure out how to pick the right e-juice and we are here to help!


Pick the right flavor first

We found that selecting a good flavor is what really matters the most at first. Flavors are crucial for any e-juice, and ideally we recommend you to go with something you like. New users tend to go with tobacco blends that match the cigarette brand flavor. However, as you start vaping more and more, you become more interested in other options, and that can come in handy for the most part. The idea is to see what you like, how you can adapt it and improve upon if possible. You have regular flavors but also some exotic flavors too. So you just need to find the right option.

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Selecting the nicotine strength

Now that you have all of that out of the way, you need to identify what nicotine level you want. 6mg and lower will be good for light smokers. If you’re an average smokers, you might need 9-16 mg and heavy smokers will go up to 36 mg. You want to go with the average nicotine strength and if this is too powerful, you move to something lighter. Or you go to something stronger, depending on your needs.


Test it out for yourself

We found that testing the e-juice blend on your own is maybe the best way to avoid anything you dislike. Even if an e-juice sounds good on paper, it’s still the trial and error system that will make or break this. Which is why testing out your e-juice is still one of the best ways you can avoid any issues. Granted it’s going to be a bit challenging to test every flavor our there, but it’s important to stick to one you already tested for the best results.

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Liquid ingredients

Usually the e-juice will have vegetable glycerol, propylene glycerol or one of these two. PG tends to offer move flavor, yet it lacks in vapor. VG on the other hand comes with a sweet taste and plenty of vapor. You will normally find the PG to VG ratio to be around 40:60, sometimes even a bit different.


As you can see, picking a good e-juice is all about understanding the nicotine amount, flavors and all the other options. Yes, it’s also a good idea to test out the flavor first to see if you like it. Sometimes testing is not possible, so you might have to go blind and buy it. Yet in time you can easily find the right option for you.


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