How to make your own E-liquid? | Vape DIY

How to make your own E-liquid? | Vape DIY

If you are passionate about vaping you most likely enjoy the idea of doing everything yourself. Creating your own E-liquid at home might not seem possible but it’s actually something you can do and it will be incredibly interesting to achieve, provided that you do it right and you commit to making it great and powerful at the same time.


What do you need to create E-liquid?

First, you need some empty bottles, gloves and syringes. Then you have to acquire propylene glycol, a measuring jug, flavoring, vegetable glycerin and nicotine. It’s important to handle all these ingredients with caution, as they are very dangerous. Some of the items can be acquired locally, others online. Ideally you want to acquire small amounts as you create better E-liquid and once you learn how to do it, you can buy ingredients in bulk. Nicotine in particular needs lots of attention, as it can lead to some health problems if it’s spilled.

how to make vape ejuice

Calculate the right ingredients

There are multiple E-liquid calculators you can use, you can use as it’s a very convenient and useful calculator with lots of nice functions. It helps assess the situation and improve the process so you can make it more appealing and convenient. Plus, you have a more accurate way to create the e E-liquid you want without issues.


Creating the E-liquid

At this point you want to fill up the syringe and add in the PG and VG in an empty bottle. Add in the flavoring and then include the nicotine. After you have them all in the bottle you want to put the lid, shake everything and then make sure that you let it sit for a while.


The Steeping process

This is actually a very important process to keep in mind and the main reason behind it is that it allows you to obtain higher quality results. Consuming the E-liquid you created right away might be a possibility, but no one recommends that as it won’t give you the results and quality that you expect. That doesn’t necessarily mean consuming right away is a bad thing, but steeping it and keeping the E-liquid warm for a few weeks will pay off big time.

how to make vape ejuice


It’s very important to handle all the ingredients with the utmost care and attention. Nicotine, as we mentioned, is extremely volatile. That’s why you should always use only small amounts at first and only after you really mastered using it you can start adding a bit more.

While it’s a very good idea to create E-liquid on your own, you do need equipment and a lot of confidence to do this properly. It will take a little bit to master this process. On the other hand, once you do master it, you never have to worry about any issues and it will provide some great results. Yes, it’s very challenging to do that, but if you tackle it correctly nothing will stand in your way.

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