5 differences between vaping and smoking!

5 differences between vaping and smoking!

What you will notice with vaping and smoking is that people tend to have a different experience with them. And it all comes down to multiple simple factors. The idea here is to figure out how and why you want to vape, what approach you like the most and then just go from there. It’s not always a simple thing to do, but with a bit of trial and error you can do it. The trick is to do it wisely and to actively focus on making the experience a great one. But there are differences between vaping and smoking, as you will see below.


Tools you need

With vaping you need a lot more stuff, usually when you smoke you just have the cigar or cigarette and that’s it. Vaping is more complex in this situation, but not by too much. It’s still offering a pretty exciting and rewarding experience and you will surely appreciate it and the value that it brings to the table. That being said, you will be ok with both provided that you like smoking and the experience itself.



The smoking temperature will reach around 600C and up to 900C inside the cigarette when you take a puff. The smoke will raise the overall peripheral temperature, and that’s one of the things that you really need to keep in eye here. Vaping will just reach 200C most of the time. This is a cooler process and that makes it a whole lot better and more convenient because of it.



Obviously smoking brings in a toxic resinous residue and that’s bad for your body but also for all the other stuff that gets in contact with it. Which is why it makes a lot of sense to not smoke anymore and focus on finding a good solution for that. That would be vaping, as it helps you a lot and it won’t turn stuff yellow or make the furniture look bad in any way.



Another major disadvantage of smoking is that it ends up bringing in that bad smell no one likes. With vaping you have a way to dissipate clouds slower and denser. This makes it easy to keep things visible and at the same time you will appreciate the tremendous attention to detail brought by the various flavors.


Tobacco is coming in a solid format, it has thousands of chemicals out of which 70 are carcinogens. Vaping is usually using liquids and it doesn’t have that many risks. You still have risks when you deal with this kind of stuff, but they are lower.


As you can see, the differences between vaping and smoking are significant. And that’s what you want to keep in mind, a way for everyone to enjoy life and the moment itself. Thankfully with vaping and smoking you can enjoy that at your own pace. But as you can see vaping is better because it brings that sense of efficiency and health you always wanted. You protect yourself quite well this way, and it will always be a nice experience!


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