2020 Vape Product Trends and Forecast

2020 Vape Product Trends and Forecast

Vape Products are always expanding and new stuff is always coming. Which brings the question, what do you need and what you can expect from this type of product in 2020? There are many forecasts and hopes related to this, but here are our predictions.


Flexible VAPE pods

Vape pods are quite popular right now but the problem with them is a lack of flexibility. It’s definitely a challenge because you want something powerful, unique but also distinctive and a bit different. PODs need more innovation as they are not the best right now, but things can improve and it will totally be worth it in the end if you do this right.


Multiple nic salts options

Nic salts are very popular and picking the right ones can be a really good idea. The problem with them is that you don’t always get the best results, so it makes sense to adjust and adapt to the process to make it work. Thankfully the higher nicotine levels are appealing to vapers so finding more options and features here might actually be a really good option. And that’s exactly what we need at this particular time, that’s for sure. It also seems that the sub ohm nic salts are becoming more powerful and popular, so we might be able to expect more brands in there too, which is really interesting.

vape eliquid


Branding changes

The brands are dealing with all kinds of regulation changes and things that might end up shifting the industry a little bit. It’s nothing overly different, but enough to cause quite the stir and challenges. Which is understandable as you can imagine, but also a bit unexpected as you try to push things to that next level. The advertising regulations are also expected to change especially in the US, but also in many other places all over the world, which is important to keep in mind here.


Smaller portable vaping tools

Portability is very good for vapers so we can expect some companies to take advantage of this demand. It’s a very important thing to provide customers with the best vaping solutions and features that they need, as that’s what they want and expect on the market right now. It might totally deliver an astounding value and experience, and in the end it can be a really impressive and powerful value and experience you do not want to miss with it. ( Get your chillax kit via this link: https://www.famovape.com/products/chillax-vape-kit )

famovape chillax kit

Since new trends are always coming, it’s crucial to be prepared and to understand what the industry is doing at this time. It’s safe to say that everything is working quite well and you will be appreciative of the results and the great value that comes from it all. That being said, you have to understand that the vaping world is undergoing a transformation almost all the time, with new stuff being released and promoted. But that’s what really matters, the unique approach and astounding quality that really pushes the boundaries here. It’s unique, different and among some of the best things you will find out there.

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