New Release: CICADA Kit | Removable Battery

New Release: CICADA Kit | Removable Battery

Having the best vape kit on the market is always important if you want to have a stylish but also safe vaping experience. The CICADA Vape Kit is one of the new products on the market designed with the idea of efficiency and quality but also lots of value for money. And they really do a very good job at integrating lots of unique ideas, one of them being a removable battery.


What should you know about the CICADA Vape Kit?

The main thing about this unit is that they are adding a temperature control vaping experience. What really makes it great is that you have a removable battery. Normally the vaping devices that have a dead battery will need a full replacement. But the CICADA Vape Kit removes that issue by allowing you to replace the old battery with a new one.

cicada kit

It also helps with charging and using anytime you want. There’s no need to wait for it to charge. Instead, you can switch the current battery with a fully charged one at any given time you want and it will totally make things work.

Some of the other great things we have here include a manual button, an automatic draw mechanism and a very good operational experience. The CICADA Vape Kit is designed to be slim and they do a really impressive job at keeping the process convenient but also very efficient.


Affordable and dependable

The CICADA Vape Kit is designed with ease of use in mind and it’s not overly expensive. Granted, it’s not extremely cheap either, but it does provide some nifty features for the money to be honest. You have a real temperature control pod which helps boost the taste while also preventing the dry hits. On top of that, the batteries have a 400 mAh capacity. Considering the size of these units, it’s actually not that bad and you will find it to work a lot better than you imagine more often than not.


We noticed that the CICADA Vape Kit comes with 3 temperature levels, which are actually great for offering some great options and ideas. You also have an easy to fill juice system and the design is stylish and exciting to have.

Yes, the CICADA Vape Kit also comes with multiple colors like blue, white, camo and some metallic options. There’s definitely a good option for everyone and they actually did a very good job at making this process as exciting and as dependable and unique as possible.

We believe that the CICADA Vape Kit is a very good new release. The fact that you can replace batteries is pretty much amazing in this case and they are doing a really interesting job at showing off this set of new features. You do want to test it out and give it a try just because it makes vaping so much more convenient and different. You should totally check it out if you want a unique, dependable vaping tool!

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