Magma Box Mod Review

Magma Box Mod Review

Mod is a vaping device that produces vapor in a large quantity. Vaping devices must be chosen carefully so that you get the best satisfaction for your vaping cravings. Magma Box Mod is one of the best devices available in the market. It has the potential to beat every competition in market. Its characteristics are the following:

  • 200W Power Ramp Up 0.0016s:

    The magma box mod can fire up to a blazing 200 watts and support multiple temperature control modes, all tied together with an instant firing speed of 0.0016 second. Thanks to the newest V-TEK chipset drastically reduces the size and increase performance. This allows the Magma Box Mod to be the smallest dual battery 200W devices on the market today.


  • Stylishly Built:

    There are very few mods and vaping devices that look as stylish as Magma Box mod does. It has been very smartly designed. It is a rectangle-shaped mod, with front-screen. It is equipped with resin panels on both sides. It has a good screen size, and fashionable logo of Magma written on the device very stylishly. It has gold frame, black frame, silver frame and rainbow frame with the flattest finish. This design makes Magma Box Mod very smart and classy.


  • All modes are available.

    All the modes, available and accessible in mods these days, can be found in the Magma Box Mod now. There is Bypasse Mode, Power Mode, Temp Control Mode for Ni200 for TR. Also, there is SS. No TCR Mode. TCR can be adjusted in every mode. Standard TCR system can also be utilized.


  • Compact and Comfortable.

    It is the smallest dual battery mod. Among all the mods available, Magma Box Mod is very compact and comfortable. It is not heavy. It can be held to the mouth without hurting your hand. It has a good weight to it. It is very comfortable to hold. 


  • Easy to Use 

    Mod can be operated and used very easily and comfortably. The options used for the operation of the Mod are not difficult. Its usage method is the following:
    1. Fire button must be clicked five times for turning it on.
    2. For entering the menu, you must click thrice.
    3. You can go up and down in the menu for the selection purpose.
    4. You must press fire to accept.
    5. You can lock the mod with + and fire.
    6. You can turn off the device by clicking fire button five times.



            Magma Mod Box is stylishly built, it has dual battery system and it is one of the smallest modes available in the market. It should be given a try.


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            • 25 Jul 2019 Goran

              1.All the best
              2.Black Frame-Lava
              3. The best thing should not be changed

            • 25 Jul 2019 Goran

              I wish I had a Magma Box Mod because I heard all the best

            • 25 Jul 2019 Patrice BLANGARIN

              What an incredible product ! Il love the Stainless Steel / Black Leather !

            • 25 Jul 2019 Manix Bcg

              My favorite Magma is Black Fram : Shadow & Lava & Grey Fabric

              I like its appearance, its power and chipset are very performent, I follow you on all my social networks, I love your work, my requirements and well you answer already with this beautiful Magma and are Vector, maybe a device which is solid, but 200 W is perfect. I just love it!

            • 25 Jul 2019 Julia

              cool design. black frame shadow – best

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