Chillax Vape Kit - Anything You Should Know About CBD Cartridges And Batteries

Chillax Vape Kit - Anything You Should Know About CBD Cartridges And Batteries

Just a few years ago, topics like “It‘s like marijuana but it doesn’t get you high” wouldn’t seem much of a pitch. But these days, canabidiol, AKA CBD, is everywhere. Everyone’s talking about it. So does this article. Yep, this article is about to introduce you the latest CBD vaping kit, the Chillax Vape Kit.

Overall Impression
The Chillax Vape Kit is a single-button device for vaping essential oils. The battery has a capacity of 450mAh 5ACDR and features 510-threading, which means that it is compatible for universal 510 cartridges, and the battery itself is a work horse.

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All in one vape:
CBD vape pens come in all shapes and sizes, giving the consumer a wide range of products to choose from. There are disposable CBD vape pens, regular vape mods or pods and so on. Though variety is great, it can also make the selection process overwhelming. And Chillax Vape Kit is no hassle handling with all the mess for the following reasons:

  • Refillable cartridge. If you have your preferred e-juice, nicotine-salt juice or CBD oil (and more), then Chillax is the perfect device. As it goes with the e-liquid we mentioned and all tested with intense flavor;
  • Variable voltage setting. The indicator light switch from Red to green and light blue to variable adjust the voltage from 3.2v to 3.5v and final 3.8v. Which is a bonus for wider range of wicking materials for all kinds of cartridge.
  • Adjustable oil inflow. The Chillax 510 tank can hold 1ml of liquid. There is a single power/firing button on the device. What makes chillax cartridge unique from other ones is our patent adjustable oil inflow design, which means that you can lock the oil inflow to separate the wick and e-juice, especially for CBD oil.
  • More power, more flavor.  Our slogan for Chillax: more power, more flavor. Yeah, you may thought this is no more than a sale pitch, but actually, we really  nailed it.There is no such internal battery can go with 5A CDR and 450mAH. 450mAh may seems quite enough for long-lasting vape. But it’s not about the capacity, it is all about the CDR. The higher CDR, the more powerful the battery goes. It is way better than the normal pod battery on the market today.


The secret is that we have the power solution supported by Blackcell. You may not know what Blackcell is, we will cover for the brand later. The advantage of Blackcell battery is that it got insurance by lloyd’s of London. Blackcell is the expert in lithium batteries. They made the first dual ventilation system batteries for vaping and they’re also the first company that gets battery insurance.

Do you know what that means? It means that you can get your compensation if incident happened (mostly by mishandling). Not every product with that resource! Chillax vape kit also features internal chips with multiple protections, such as short-circuit protection, high and low voltage protection, low resistance protection, overheat protection, etc.

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How to use Chillax Vape Kit:
It is quite simple, just go along with the steps:
  • Fill the cartridge with e-juice
  • Allow at least 5 minutes for the wick to saturate
  • Click the power button 5 times to turn the battery on
  • 3 Click of the button to adjust the voltage(3.2-3.5-3.8v)
  • Auto draw, start with small puffs

Note: Always start slow, and work your way up to the optimal dose.
You can also try taking larger and more frequent puffs.
Be sure to clean your vape tank on a regurlar basis.


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